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Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley


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Editora: Young Ink Press (25 de janeiro de 2018)
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Idioma: Inglês


Revenge is a seven-letter word that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a word for those who have been wronged.

Jo Turner has been waiting five, long years to finally turn revenge into vengeance. Using Rider, the pretty-faced manwhore, is simply the price she is willing to pay to satiate her desire for revenge. Little does she know, she makes herself a target from the one thing Rider has sworn to give his life to protect—The Last Riders. When you wake the soldier, be prepared for the consequences. Rider is going to teach her a hard lesson: revenge is a double-edged sword … and it always cuts both ways.


He is vain and arrogant and has all women dropping their panties just by looking at them. There is a woman for each day of the week and more women in the club. In each place he has a waitress or a clerk for a quick fuck inside a bathroom or back room.
Women are only a source of pleasure and never intend to compromise.
Club members are fed up with getting Rider in their homes stealing their wives’ attention and eating their food. They take an opportunity as matchmakers for Rider to get involved with Jo. Shade is the diabolical and manipulative mind behind, but Rider discovers everything but decides to get into the game.
Rider begins to feel envious of the family that the married members are forming and grows a desire to have the same as them.
He likes the chase and Jo presents himself as an ideal target.
She presents a challenge to him and becomes an irresistible prey and difficult to catch.
I confess I had conflicting feelings about the story.
The author added to the story several cliches that together cause a lot of drama and have been written so many times.
We have a heroine traumatized by rape back to town because her father passed away and left her full of debt and a failed business. The rapists are still free and still threatening Jo. She works hard and has no time or energy for anything else.
Our hero is attracted to her but she does not give the time of day to him. He has many women easily and does not want to spend energy or time chasing a woman if she is difficult. But each time he feels more attracted, after all she is a challenge.
Two failed marriages and betrayal by the women he chose left him with trust issues.
I think he uses the two women who broke his heart as an excuse not to move on.
I think that if Jewell had promised him fidelity and children he would have stayed with her and would not even have worked hard to find another woman. When he asks her this and she can not compromise her fate is sealed.
Jewell turned out to be a Bliss second edition and a real bitch. In fact, I never liked her. She wanted to be the queen bee and an old lady but keeping their lifestyle. But Rider wants a exclusive relationship, something she can not and does not want to compromise.
I enjoyed the participation of the club members and I look forward to learning more about Gavin. The wives had great scenes and marked the presence. Shade is still great and his scenes were awesome.
I think Rider’s jealous and possessive side was the coolest one because he did not agree to share Jo and reacted violently when suggested.
The story was good but I expected a lot more. I was a bit disappointed but overall I recommend it to the fans who follow the series.


“The first time she had met the handsome biker, he had expected her to fall for him as if he were God’s gift to women. The second time, he had thought she was interested in women.”
“Won’t ever happen. Why settle for one woman when I can do them all?”
“Half of the fun was the chase. Once that was over, half the fun was gone.”
“He’ll share Jo. Rider will never fall in love with a woman the way you and Shade have done.”
“When the Reaper killed, he only shared with the devil.”
“Won’t ever happen. Why settle for one woman when I can do them all?”
“Half of the fun was the chase. Once that was over, half the fun was gone.”
==>He fucks all the women in town … Jo does not take two steps without bumping into a fuck buddy of Rider.<== “You’re both consenting adults. What I’m becoming mad about is that it’s taking Carly seven minutes to fry an egg, and you thinking I want to talk to you.”
==>FF scenes<== “As Jewell and Ember began kissing each other, his fingers went to Ember’s pussy as he continued fucking Jewell.”
==>How disgusting the fluid exchange between him and the two women. He should bathe in bleach and run to be tested for STD.<==
“taking his cock out of Jewell then sliding it into Ember. He gave her several hard strokes before he pulled out then plunged back into Jewell. He alternated fucking each woman until his skin shone in sweat.”
“His cock always took precedence over what everyone else wanted. It was a fault of his character, and he saw no reason to change it. That’s why he was single and available to any woman at any time.”
“As much as Jo intrigued him—the hard rise in his jeans testified to that fact—it wasn’t enough to have him beating down her door or chasing her tow truck.”
“Don’t try to fool me, little boy. I see exactly who you are.” Mag wheeled her chair closer. “You’re out for yourself, and you don’t give a damn about anyone else.”
“I’m not afraid of Jo.” “She’s not a dumb whore…”
“He shrugged. “I don’t want Jo.””
“You haven’t got the good sense God gave you to lick a postage stamp.”
“I can go a night without sex, but why would I want to? I’m living every man’s dream—a different woman every day, a job I love, and a great place to rest my head at night, especially if I have a couple of women keeping me company.”
“Mercury’s tits swayed in his vision as she walked toward him, reaching for him. “I was going to ask if you needed a break, but I can see you don’t.” He groaned when she cupped the hard-on he was planning on drilling into her cunt.”
“Twice he had been lied to by women whom he had believed loved him, and it had nearly cost numerous lives. He had no intention of falling for lies from a woman again.”
==>He keeps mentioning the other women all the time<==
“A couple of women from the club like to shop there. They ask me to go along to give my opinion. Pleasure is one of my favorite perfumes.”
==>Another club whore (aka club member) falls in love and is causing problems. It reminded me of Bliss (walking vagina).<==
“Jewell, nothing is going to change our friendship. You know that, right?” “I remember Razer telling me the same thing.”
“He hadn’t answered her call earlier in the day because he thought Jo had been trying to break their date. That Jewell was responsible for their date taking a detour was something he would have to talk to Jewell about when he got home.”
==>His fucking schedule is full and besides the women in town he has the women of the club.<==
“Wednesday sounds better. You have a date with Aly tomorrow night, and you always go out with Carly on Monday nights. Tuesdays are reserved for Claire. I wouldn’t want to step on her toes. She’s the only cashier at the gas station
==>He continues to defend the bitch<==

“Jewell doesn’t carry tales.” “She must not carry messages either. Night, Rider.”
“Jewell shook her head. “She’ll know, but I can see you’re determined to find that out for yourself. I’ll be waiting when she divorces your ass.” “I’m not chasing Jo to put a ring on her finger.”
“Creating an intimacy between them was the key to making her fall in love with him and would put him in the position he needed to achieve his goals.”
“Jo, this is Delara … my wife.”
“Rider didn’t want to think the woman he had loved so deeply was in any pain or knew what was going on around her, trapped in the shell that remained.“I loved her,” he acknowledged. “She was carrying my child, Jo. How could I not trust her?””
“I’m sorry. I never cheated on you with my body, but I did with my actions. If you take me back, I swear I’ll never let another woman buy me presents, or buy my favorite cereal, or give me extra french fries.”
“No, you made an oath. I never expected you to marry me anyway.”


The ‘Burg series by Kristen Ashley

For You (The ‘Burg #1) by Kristen Ashley

cover (2)

Este é o primeiro livro da série e somos apresentados aos moradores do Burg. A história do Alexander Colton e da February Owens é muito emocionante, pois eles eram namorados desde a adolescência e de repente se separam. Todos moradores do lugar ficam espantados, pois sempre foi Alex e Feb juntos e o casamento dos dois era dado como certo.
Ao longo dos anos a vida de cada um segue e uma série de acontecimentos marcam a jornada de ambos.Após muito tempo Feb resolve voltar para casa e se estabelecer cuidando do bar da família junto com o irmão.
Daí somos sugados para uma história de horror, porque um psicopata está agindo na cidade e deixando “presentes” para Feb em forma de cadáveres espalhados em vários estados. A história é muito boa e mistura amor, sexo, suspense e muita ação.
Estou lendo pela terceira vez a série e confesso que não será a última. Confesso que fiquei torcendo para o doido matar a Melanie e a Susie, hahahaha!!!!
Super recomendo!
Aqui aparece o personagem Reece que é o personagem principal do livro Jagged (Colorado Mountain #5), aliás eu adoro aquela série também.
Lido em dezembro de 2012, novembro de 2013 e junho de 2014.

At Peace (The ‘Burg, #2) by Kristen Ashley

cover (3)

É uma das minhas autoras favoritas e simplesmente adoro esta série… estou lendo pela terceira vez!
Violet se muda para o Burg fugindo de um psicopata que matou seu marido e agora a persegue. Ela está escapando de uma tragédia e procurando uma vida nova para ela e suas duas filhas adolescentes. Ela e as meninas já sofreram perdas muito fortes na vida e estão aos poucos se adaptando e procurando superar a falta do pai e marido.
A Vi é uma heroína fantástica! Ela é uma mulher forte e decidida e adorei que ela não fica em casa chorando quando o Joe faz uma cagada e termina com ela… ela procura conforto nos braços do Mike… e vamos combinar que é um super conforto!!! 😉

A história do Joe e da Violet é linda e nos emociona do início ao fim. O relacionamento deles vai mudando ao longo da história e vemos nascer um macho alfa protetor de primeira e uma heroína forte e muito interessante. As cenas entre os dois são muito quentes!
Os personagens secundários são ótimos e acompanhamos a vida dos personagens do livro anterior. Vale muito a pena ler toda a série. Fiquei com ódio da Susie e da Tina… elas continuam umas figuras mesmo! Pena que o psicopata do livro anterior não deu um jeito nelas!

Lido em dezembro de 2012, novembro de 2013 e junho de 2014.

Golden Trail (The ‘Burg #3) by Kristen Ashley

cover (4)

Tanner Layne e Raquel Merrick tinham um relacionamento lindo e estavam muito apaixonados, mas de repente Raquel o deixa e não dá explicações nenhuma.
Cada um deles segue com a vida e anos depois Layne sofre um atentado e para no hospital com 3 tiros e quase morre. Raquel fica muito chocada com o ocorrido e tenta ajudar nas investigações, pois tem um tira sujo que está agindo no Burg.

A partir daí a ação do livro começa e somos envolvidos numa história que não foca somente no relacionamento dos dois, mas na família e amigos. Todos são personagens muito interessantes.
Temos um ex-marido e uma ex-mulher muito irritantes, vizinhos torcendo pelo casal, policiais corruptos, adolescentes em perigo, sogra do inferno, violência doméstica, intriga, romance, cenas de sexo muito quentes… tudo muito bem dosado e que nos prende do início ao fim.
Mais uma história emocionante da série e que estou relendo pela terceira vez. Recomendo!!!!
Lido em dezembro de 2012, novembro de 2013 e junho de 2014.

Games of the Heart (The ‘Burg #4) by Kristen Ashley

cover (5)

Finalmente a história de Mike Haines que nos foi apresentado no livro da Vi e do Joe no livro At Peace (The ‘Burg #2). Aqui temos a história do Mike e da Dusty Holliday… ela é encantadora!
Estou lendo pela segunda vez e adorei cada momento.
Mostra o reencontro, o renascimento do amor que sempre esteve lá, a família e o legado deixado por ela como uma peça importante no jogo da vida. Temos também intriga, ação e como sempre muito cenas quentes entre os protagonistas.
A história do Fin e da Reesee é linda e ficamos totalmente envolvidos por ela.
Os heróis dos livros anteriores tem participação importante na história e vemos que o Burg criou uma grande família que é acionada tanto nos momentos felizes quanto nos momentos de necessidade.
Fiquei com vontade de comer bolo com muitas camadas, hahahaha!!!
Adorei e recomendo! Agora é só esperar o próximo livro da série.
Lido em dezembro de 2012 e junho de 2014.

Sebring (Unfinished Hero #5) by Kristen Ashley

25879951 (1)
Review in Portuguese and English.
Nick Sebring has issues. Born feeling like an outsider in his own family, growing up under the shadow of a brother who could do anything, Nick isn’t that great of a guy. But when this culminates with Nick lashing out to hurt his brother through the woman he loves, Nick turns inward and makes some decisions about the man he intends to be.

And as he does this, he falls in love and truly learns the man that he’s grown to be.

When his love is murdered right before Nick’s eyes, Nick knows he has to avenge her. He knows how he’s going to avenge her. And he has no qualms using Olivia Shade to exact that vengeance.

Olivia Shade has grown up on the outside of her family too. Her problem is that they don’t want her outside. They want her all the way in, right under their thumbs. She pays the price for seeking escape and learns her lesson—she’ll never see a dawn where she wakes up free.

Then she meets Nick Sebring, and even as she fights it, the hope that died years ago starts to blossom. She can find love. She can have a man of her own. She can be happy. She can be free.

Olivia hopes while Nick schemes.

However, as Nick peels back the layers of all that is Olivia Shade, he finds something surprising. He understands its fragility. He falls in love with its beauty. He seeks to protect it.

But he forgets to protect his Livvie from one thing: Nick Sebring.

Uma história de superação. Nosso herói passa de um ser desprezível nos livros anteriores para um ser humano decente e digno de ser chamado de herói. Esta série trata de pessoas imperfeitas e humanas, com falhas e defeitos reais, mas que são perfeitas juntas e se completam. Nossa heroína é uma sombra que aos poucos vai tomando forma e se fortalecendo como pessoa.
Ele renasce do desejo de vingança e ela renasce da estagnação total que é a vida dela. É muito interessante ver a jornada dos dois que se inicia puramente sexual e vai mudando a medida que os dois vão se conhecendo e deixando as facetas da personalidade deles aparecerem.
Temos cenas muito quentes e também cenas tocantes entre os heróis. Como não podia deixar de ser num livro da autora, temos ação e suspense e muitos vilões.
Adorei a participação dos outros personagens da série e minha frase favorita foi a seguinte:
“I live in dark. Dawn never comes for me. There will be no new day where I wake up complete. Happy. Loved. There is no other side to make my way to. There is no believe. It just isn’t for me.”

Recomendo muito!

A story of resilience and individual growth. Our hero was a despicable person in previous books becomes a decent human being and worthy of being called a hero. This series deals with imperfect people with flaws and defects, but they are perfect together and complement each other. Our heroine is a shadow that will slowly taking shape and getting stronger as a person.
He is reborn of the desire for revenge and she is reborn of total stagnation that is her life. It is very interesting to see the journey of two that at first it was purely sexual and changes as the two are getting to know each other and gradually showing facets of their personality.
We have very hot scenes and also touching scenes between the heroes. As in every book of the author, we have action and suspense and many villains.
I loved the participation of other characters in the series and my favorite quote was:

“I live in dark. Dawn never comes for me. There will be no new day where I wake up complete. Happy. Loved. There is no other side to make my way to. There is no believe. It just isn’t for me.”
I highly recommend!

Mystery Man (Dream Man #1) by Kristen Ashley

*Review in Portuguese and English.*
Gurias, eu simplesmente amo esta autora!
Estava com síndrome de abstinência, pois o novo livro dela não saiu ainda, então comecei a reler tudo novamente.
Comecei com “Mystery Man” que faz parte da série “Dream Man” e que é ótimo, pois combina “Bad Ass World” com “Cosmo World”!
Gwendolyn Kidd se encontra com um homem misterioso já tem um ano e meio… ela não sabe nem o nome dele, mas o sexo é maravilhoso.
É uma coisa meio surreal, mas a história fisga a gente. Os dois se conhecem em um bar onde ela já tomou Cosmopolitans demais e então os dois vão para a casa dela… a partir daquela noite ele começa a aparecer na casa dela seguidamente… os dois transam toda vez. Ela não sabe nada dele.
A situação vai se arrastando e já dura um ano e meio… encontros sexuais durante a noite e nada mais.
Aí a irmã (Ginger) da Gwen se mete em uma confusão e ela acaba entrando no radar da polícia, no radar dos integrantes de um motoclube e se torna alvo de bandidos.
Gwen é uma editora de livros que vive no mundo da lua, ela é uma romântica mas que teve o coração esmagado pela traição do ex marido com várias mulheres e inclusive com a irmã vadia dela.
Neste livro somos apresentadas a uma série de homens deliciosos que fazem parte de vários livros da autora. Todos homens alfa e alguns deles muito interessados em conquistar nossa heroína.
Nós temos bastante ação, pois a heroína sofre vários atentados e inclusive é sequestrada tudo em função das confusões que a irmã vagabunda dela se mete.
As cenas de sexo são explosivas!
As amigas da Gwen são um caso a parte… todas elas com características muito marcantes e personalidades vibrantes.
O pai e a madrasta da Gwen são ótimos e a família do herói também é muito legal!
Cabe “Hawk” Delgado tem que se manifestar, afinal sua mulher está correndo perigo e tem vários candidatos querendo assumir o papel de protetor dela.
Ele resolve marcar o território dele e a partir dali começa uma disputa entre vários machos alfa, sendo que todos eles estão interessados na Gwen e a fama do Hawk não é das melhores. Ele é conhecido por ter uma mulher para cada dia da semana.
A autora também sabe brincar com aquelas coisas que nós mulheres adoramos tais como sapatos, maquiagem e roupas com todas aquelas coisas mais masculinas como botas, uniformes, carrões e motos.
O livro é ótimo e recomendo!!!
Girls, I just love this author!
I was with withdrawal syndrome, because her new book hasn’t come out yet, so I started to reread everything again.
I started out with Mystery Man which is part of the series Dream Man and that is great, as it combines BadAss World with Cosmo World!
Gwendolyn Kidd meets up with a mysterious man already has a year and a half… She doesn’t even know his name, but the sex is wonderful. Is a kind of surreal thing, but the story holds the reader’s attention.
The two met in a bar where she’s had too much to drink and then the two go to her house … from that night he begins to appear in her house then … the two have sex every time. She doesn’t know anything about him.
The situation is dragging on and has lasted a year and a half… sexual encounters during the night and nothing else.
Then Gwen’s sister (Ginger) gets into a mess and she ends up entering the police radar, the radar of members of a motorcycle club and becomes the target of bandits.
Gwen is a book editor who lives in the world of the Moon, she is a romantic but he had his heart crushed by ex-husband’s betrayal with several women and even with her slut sister.
In this book we are introduced to a series of delicious men that are part of several books by the author. All alpha men and some of them very interested in conquering our heroine.
We have a lot of action, because the heroine suffers several attacks including being kidnapped all in consequence of the confusion that her slut sister fucks.
The sex scenes are explosive!
Gwen’s friends are a case apart … all of them with very striking features and vibrant personalities.
The father and stepmother of Gwen are great and the hero’s family is also very cool!
Cabe “Hawk” Delgado has to manifest itself, after all his woman’s in danger and has several candidates willing to take on the role of her protector.
He decides to mark his territory and from there begins a dispute between various alpha males, and all they are interested in Gwen and Hawk’s fame isn’t the best. He is known to have one woman for every day of the week.
The author also knows how to play with those things that we women love such as shoes, makeup and clothes with all those things more masculine as boots, uniforms, cars and motorcycles.
The book is great and I highly recommend!!!

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by Kristen Ashley

*Review in Portuguese and English.*
O que dizer sobre este livro?
É o meu favorito e releio ele de vez em quando. É só eu sentir falta da minha dose de macho alfa que eu leio este livro novamente.
Nosso herói é um motociclista gostosão, cheio de charme, cafajeste, mulherengo e que fala o que ele pensa.
Ele é o presidente do Chaos Moto Clube.
O casal se conhece em uma festa no moto clube e os dois acabam transando.
Ela se apaixona por ele e acha que ela encontrou o homem dos sonhos dela.
Quando ela chega para trabalhar no escritório da oficina que pertence ao moto clube ele está do lado de fora se beijando e se agarrando com uma morena.
Aparentemente ele nem lembra o nome dela… e diz que ele não trabalha com mulheres que ele transou.
Tyra fica indignada e diz que ela precisa do emprego.
Então ela fala para ele que eles nunca mais farão sexo e o problema está resolvido.
Tack não fica convencido e começa a fazer de tudo para que ela saia do emprego.
A partir do momento que eles passam a se conhecer melhor e Tack invade a vida dela de uma maneira que ela nunca imaginou que um homem pudesse.
Daí como sempre acontece nos livros da autora começam cenas com muita ação, muito sexo, muita tensão, personagens de livros anteriores aparecem… uma maravilha!
Acontecem tantas cenas doces entre os heróis e cenas bem emocionantes que me deixam tonta.
A heroína é ótima e como sempre nos livros da autora ela se veste bem e tem uma personalidade marcante.

Os personagens secundários são maravilhosos e eles dão um colorido todo especial para a história.
Eu já disse que é um dos meus livros favoritos? Claro que sim… tem a dose exata de macho alfa, motocicletas, caras durões, gostosos, ação, ternura e etc…
Altamente recomendado!

What to say about this book?
Is my favorite and reread it every once in a while. It’s just I miss my dose of alpha male that I read this book again.
Our hero is a hot biker, full of charm, jerk, womanizer and who speaks what he thinks.
He is the President of Chaos motorcycle club.
The couple met at a party in the motorcycle club and the two end up having sex.
She falls in love with him and thinks she’s found the man of her dreams.
When she comes to work in the Office of the workshop which belongs to motorcycle club he’s outside kissing and making out with a brunette.
Apparently he didn’t even remember her name … and says he does not work with women he had sex.
Tyra becomes outraged and says she needs the job.
Then she tells him that they never do sex and the problem is solved.
Tack is not convinced and begins to do anything for her to leave the job.
From the moment they get to know each other better and Tack invades her life in ways she never imagined that a man could.
Hence, as always happens in the books the author begins scenes with lots of action, lots of sex, a lot of tension, characters from previous books appear … a marvel!
Happen so many sweet scenes between the heroes and scenes very exciting to make me dizzy.

The heroine is great and as always in the books of the author she dresses well and has a remarkable personality.
The secondary characters are wonderful and they give a special color to the story.

I already said that is one of my favorite books? Of course … has the exact dose of alpha male, motorcycles, tough guys, hotties, action, tenderness and etc. ..
Highly recommended!!!


Jagged (Colorado Mountain #5) by Kristen Ashley

*Review in Portuguese and English.*
Eu estava com medo de ler este livro devido às várias resenhas negativas que eu li em vários lugares.
Mas esta autora é a minha favorita então decidi começar a leitura com a mente aberta.
Eu reli o livro “For You” antes de iniciar a leitura deste livro, pois a história se passa logo após aquela.
Este livro conta a história de Zara e Reece, cada um enfrentando seus próprios demônios e temores sobre a vida e sobre relacionamentos.
Foi maravilhoso revisitar a cidade de Gnaw Bone e seus habitantes.
Após a experiência traumática vivida por Reece ele reavalia o que ele quer da vida dele e decide voltar para Zara.
Zara está enfrentando uma época muito difícil na vida dela, acaba de se divorciar, perder a casa dela e o negócio dela. Ela está realmente em uma má fase.
Reece chega na cidade já sabendo do que está acontecendo com ela e está determinado a recuperar a mulher que ele deixou anos atrás.
Ele tinha medo de compromisso e não estava pronto para assumir um relacionamento sério e ela queria mais de um relacionamento. Então ele partiu sem lutar pelo amor dela e ela acabou se casando com outro cara.
Ele está determinado a conquistar e proteger a mulher que ele está interessado.
Nos deparamos com várias situações em que nossos heróis se deparam com fantasmas do passado e em determinados momentos eu duvidei que ele realmente amasse nossa heroína. Eu estava achando que ele estava se conformando com a segunda melhor.
Tem várias cenas bem intensas e as cenas de sexo são bem quentes. Aliás como em todos livros da autora.
Nosso herói é um macho alfa em sua melhor performance.
Nossa heroína é uma guerreira e uma sobrevivente.
Acabamos por descobrir que ele é um homem de ação e não de palavras. E nossas descobertas são doces.
Eu não me incomodei com os apelidos deles.
Meu idioma principal é o português, então acho que Ham não me irritou tanto quanto aqueles que tem como idioma principal o inglês.
Realmente gostei muito da leitura e recomendo. Digno de participar da minha série favorita.
O epílogo foi ótimo!
Achei o livro curto demais, eu não queria que ele acabasse.
Mal posso esperar pelo próximo!
A música do casamento deles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RWnkuCqmNg
I was afraid to read this book due to several negative reviews which I read in several places.
But this author is my favorite so I decided to start reading with an open mind.
I reread the book “For You” before I start reading this book because the story takes place shortly after that.
This book tells the story of Zara and Reece, each facing their own demons and fears about life and relationships.
It was wonderful to revisit the city of Gnaw Bone and its inhabitants.
After the traumatic experience experienced by Reece he re-evaluates what he wants in his life and decides to go back to Zara.
Zara is facing a very difficult time in her life, just to get divorced, lose her home and her business. She’s really in a bad phase.
Reece arrives in town already knowing what’s going on with her and is determined to recover the woman he left behind years ago.
He was afraid of commitment and wasn’t ready to take on a serious relationship and she wanted more of a relationship. Then he left without fighting for her love and she ended up marrying another man.
He is determined to conquer and protect the woman he’s interested.
We came across several situations in which our heroes encounter with ghosts of the past and at certain times I doubted that he really loved our heroine. I was thinking he was conforming to the second best.
Has several scenes really intense and the sex scenes are pretty hot. As in all books of the author.
Our hero is an alpha male in his best performance.
Our heroine is a fighter and a survivor.
We discover that he is a man of action, not words. And our findings are sweet.
I didn’t bother with the nicknames.
My primary language is Portuguese, so I think Ham not pissed me off as much as those whose primary language English.
Really I enjoyed the read and recommend. Worthy to participate in the my favorite series.
The epilogue was great!
I found the book too short, I didn’t want it to end.
I can’t wait for the next one!
The music from their wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RWnkuCqmNg

Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx


ebook, 484 pages
Published June 17th 2012

Goodreads: here


Through the corridors of the Windy City’s criminal courts, single mother Libby Tucker knows exactly how far she’ll go to save her cancer-stricken son’s life. The undefeated defense attorney is prepared to take her fight all the way to the majors.

Circumstances force Libby to plead her case at the cleats of celebrity baseball player Banford Aidan Palowski, the man who discarded her at their college graduation. Libby has worked her backside bare for everything she’s attained, while Aidan has been indulged since he slid through the birth canal and landed in a pile of Gold Coast money. But helping Libby and living up to his biological duty could jeopardize the only thing the jock worships: his baseball career.

If baseball imitates life, Aidan admits his appears to be silver-plated peanuts, until an unexpected confrontation with the most spectacular prize that’s ever poured from a caramel corn box blindsides him. When he learns about his son’s desperate need, it pricks open the wound he’s carried since he abandoned Libby and the child.

All Libby wants is a little anonymous DNA, but Aidan has a magical umpire in his head who knows Libby’s a fateball right to the heart. When a six-year-old sage and a hippy priestess step onto the field, there’s more to settle between Libby and Aidan than heartache, redemption, and forgiveness.


This book was on my reading list for a long time and I was always putting off.
I confess that the story of the athlete who leaves his pregnant girlfriend and move on as if nothing had happened already was making me sick.
But I decided to stop avoiding the reading and it took me almost a week to complete.
I really liked heroine and how she managed to raise her son and finish her studies without the help of the hero who asked her to get an abortion when she refused he signed giving up rights as a father.
He proved to be selfish and spoiled just thinking about him and the wonderful future that awaited him. And he had a girlfriend that in the eyes of his family was perfect while involved with our heroine. He reneged on their relationship and seemed ashamed of it.
Over the years our heroine becomes a recognized professional and an exemplary mother, while his career is falling and his new fiancée becomes a nightmare. He is engaged to a rich and spoiled socialite who is a horrible person. I think they both deserve each other.
Our heroine comes into contact with the hero because she needs a bone marrow donor for their son who has cancer.
At first he is furious with her and just think of the impact that the discovery of an illegitimate child would cause in his image. Turns out he has a pristine image and the abandonment of a child would harm his future contracts.
At this point in the reading I was willing to abandon the reading, but I kept going and I was curious about how the author would make us like the hero and how he would make the heroine to forgive him.
The author really knew how to make the reader go discovering new layers of personality of each character that made them more human and likely to be forgiven by the actions of the past.
Adding in the story:
-a sick child,
-the need of heroine to help others and suffering the consequences for that,
-a partner in the firm she works for wanting to take advantage of the fact of her being a woman in the workplace,
-Mommy and Daddy issues,
-feel inadequate and unworthy of love, afraid to love and to be abandoned again,
-guilt by taking certain decisions that impacted on their future…
Adding to all this still a paranormal dose doing the reader be moved and spend a box of tissues…
At the end of it all it was a good read.
Love, family, forgiveness, hope for a better future and the certainty that we are not in this life by chance. We all have a purpose and need each other to complete our journey.


The Promise (The ‘Burg #5) by Kristen Ashley

cover (1)

Review in Portuguese and English

Eu esperei muito por este livro e estava muito ansiosa para iniciar a leitura dele.
Mas confesso que me desapontei com a leitura e quando cheguei em 60% do conteúdo eu estava realmente muito frustrada.
O ritmo da história foi lento e a heroína perdoou tudo de mal que a família do ex-namorado fez ela passar.
Foi como se nada tivesse acontecido.Benny foi um canalha com ela e ela simplesmente deixou pra lá.
Tudo bem que ela sonhava com uma família que ela nunca teve e que ela almejava fazer parte daquela família maravilhosa.Mas achei que foi tudo muito fácil.
Daí ficamos enrolados com o vai e vem do casal se visitando e curtindo o novo relacionamento deles.
Mas nada de mais acontece na história e eu realmente fiquei entediada.
Posso dizer com certeza que os personagens secundários salvam o livro.
Temos a participação do Sal o mafioso, Joe e família, Luke Stark, os colegas de trabalho da heroína, Cherry, Colt e Feb…A família da heroína também dá um tempero à história.
Todos muito doidos e cheios de problemas.
Após 80% a história realmente decolou e eu gostei muito dela.
Mas se não fosse minha autora favorita eu teria largado a leitura antes.
Todos elementos característicos da autora estão na história, mas faltou algo.
Espero que a próxima alcance minhas expectativas


I waited so long for this book and was very eager to start reading it.
But I confess that disappointed me with reading and when I arrived in 60% of the content I was really frustrated.
The pace of the story was slow and the heroine forgave everything bad that the family of an ex-boyfriend made her pass. It was as if nothing had happened.
Benny was a jerk to her and she just let it go.
Okay that she dreamed of a family she never had and that she was eager to be part of that wonderful family.But I thought it was all very easy.
Then we rolled with the coming and going of the couple visiting and enjoying the new relationship. But nothing much happens in the story and I really got bored.
I can say with certainty that the secondary characters save the book.
We have the participation of Sal the mobster, Joe and family, Luke Stark, the heroine’s coworkers, Cherry, Colt and Feb…The heroine’s family also gives a spice to the story.
All very crazy and full of problems.
After 80% the story really took off and I liked her a lot.
But if it wasn’t my favorite author I’d quit reading before.
All elements characteristic of the author are in the history, but it lacked something.
I hope the next reach my expectations.

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Falando sobre YouTube – Operação Dilma Não com Danilo Gentili – #DilmaNÃO


Arnaldo Jabor

(Arnaldo Jabor)

À medida que envelheço e convivo com outras pessoas,
valorizo mais ainda as mulheres que estão acima dos 30.

Elas não se
importam com o que você pensa, mas se dispõem de coração se você tiver a
intenção de conversar.
Se ela não quer assistir ao jogo de futebol na tv,
não fica à sua volta resmungando, pirraçando…
Vai fazer alguma coisa que
queira fazer… E geralmente é alguma coisa bem mais interessante.

se conhece o suficiente para saber quem é, o que e quem quer.

definitivamente não ficam com quem não confiam. Mulheres se tornam psicanalistas
quando envelhecem.
Você nunca precisa confessar seus pecados… Elas sempre

Ficam lindas quando usam batom vermelho. O mesmo não acontece
com mulheres mais jovens… Por que será, hein??

Mulheres mais velhas
são diretas e honestas. Elas te dirão na cara se você for um idiota, caso esteja
agindo como um!

Você nunca precisa se preocupar onde se encaixa na vida
dela. Basta agir como homem e o resto deixe que ela faça…

Sim, nós
admiramos as mulheres com mais de 30 anos!
Infelizmente isto não é
recíproco, pois prá cada mulher com mais de 30 anos, estonteante, bonita, bem

sexy e resolvida, há um homem com mais de 30, careca, pançudo
em bermudões amarelos, bancando o bobo para
uma garota de 19 anos…

Senhoras, eu peço desculpas por eles: não sabem o que fazem!

Para todos os homens que dizem: ‘Porque comprar a vaca, se você pode
beber o leite de graça?’, aqui está a novidade para vocês:

Hoje em dia
80% das mulheres são contra o casamento e sabem por quê? Porque ‘ as mulheres
perceberam que não vale a pena comprar um porco inteiro só para ter uma