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Review: Unbridled

Unbridled by Diana Palmer My rating: 3 of 5 stars More of the same. Our heroine is a virgin, alone in the world, poor and not beautiful. I found it odd that she was so poor because I always thought the nurses had a good salary. The only plausible explanation would be that she had debts, but… Continuar lendo Review: Unbridled

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Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley

Formato: eBook Kindle Tamanho do arquivo: 3004.0 KB Número de páginas: 543 páginas Editora: Young Ink Press (25 de janeiro de 2018) Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda Idioma: Inglês ASIN: B079BVFY6R Blurb: Revenge is a seven-letter word that isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a word for those who have… Continuar lendo Rider’s Revenge (The Last Riders #10) by Jamie Begley


The ‘Burg series by Kristen Ashley

For You (The 'Burg #1) by Kristen Ashley Este é o primeiro livro da série e somos apresentados aos moradores do Burg. A história do Alexander Colton e da February Owens é muito emocionante, pois eles eram namorados desde a adolescência e de repente se separam. Todos moradores do lugar ficam espantados, pois sempre foi Alex e Feb juntos e o casamento… Continuar lendo The ‘Burg series by Kristen Ashley

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Atonement by Terri Anne Browning

Atonement by Terri Anne Browning My rating: 2 of 5 stars I created a special shelf for this kind of hero: Dick need bleach SPOILER: Most disgusting thing: the hero fucks with the three sisters of the heroine. They are the worst and nasty kind of clubwhore. Yuck! He fucks anything that moves and breathes. And fuck our heroine… Continuar lendo Atonement by Terri Anne Browning

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When trolls attack

Lissa Gromley-Fantasy Author


The #getloud movement along with its many identifying tags has increased in popularity as fast as the movements for #cockygate and #Tiffanygate. You wouldn’t think of there being a connection between them, but step back and examine both issues and you may just see it. Recently on Twitter, there has been a barrage of attacks against campaigners of #getloud by the scammers, bookstuffers, and trolls in the hopes of chasing them away or shutting them up for good.

These attacks warrant a wanted reaction but serve no purpose other than to make the trolls, bookstuffers, and scammers appear like desperate fools without education. Some of these attacks have been directed against Suzan Tisdale, Scottish Historical Romance author. Suzan has been accused of the following:

  • Brainwashing her fellow “sockpuppets”
  • Stuffing her socks into members of her cult’s mouth
  • Having a clickfarm herself
  • Being vicious and angry
  • Training an army of followers…

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Why bookstuffers hurt the industry

Lissa Gromley-Fantasy Author

These past few weeks have been a double battle fighting against trademark bullies and lately bookstuffers. It seems like a neverending battle and at this point it really is. The movements #cockygate and #GETLOUD have been set up to bring awareness to these problems and to provide truth and education to the misinformed and to the unknowning people who may find themselves affected later on by these issues.

We do this by pointing out the problem itself, why it is a problem, and what the overlying concern of the problem is. One of the main concerns of the bookstuffing dilemma is that readers are not getting the best reading experience they can get. It was pointed out by Bianca Somerland in her recent video that if you were to go on Netflix, you would expect to watch an entire movie, but if Netflix only showed you a portion of that…

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Hated author strives to play at people’s hearts, Fails big time due to all the awesome chesticles powers

Lissa Gromley-Fantasy Author

This showed up last night on my timeline through the retweeting and commenting of others. Many of us waited in anticipation for this “real story” to come to light, of which is to be public and yet again, we are still waiting. There are some things about this I want to address. First, Faleena did not create #cockygate. #Cockygate was the outcry of a community of writers and readers who banded together against this trademark troll who dared to infringe on our 1st Amendment rights of free speech.

trollTrolls don’t need to follow any ethics, you know!

When the attempt to harass and threaten other authors with C&D letters did not work, she resorted to the following, desperate measures. She filed a lawsuit against Kevin Kneupper, Tara Crescent, and Jennifer Watson. Her claim: “I had to sue because Carol Ritter of the RWA did not return my call and instead…

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Cocky Roomie (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #1) bye Faleena Hopkins

  Formato: eBook Kindle Tamanho do arquivo: 7052 KB Número de páginas: 284 páginas Editora: Hop Hop Productions (16 de junho de 2016) Vendido por: Amazon Servicos de Varejo do Brasil Ltda Idioma: Inglês ASIN: B01H7RZDR8   Blurb:   DREW CHARLES: Having this arrogant 25 year old man as my roommate is a VERY bad idea. He's introduced himself (hotter than hell… Continuar lendo Cocky Roomie (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #1) bye Faleena Hopkins